September 1, 2012

From a 12 Year Veteran

This isn't a secret thought, I've said it many times, but it stands to restated.

When I saw the above photo on Facebook this morning, it stopped me cold. I think my heart stpeed beating. I certainly lost my breath.

That, above, is my son. My firstborn son.

It kills me.

What if his mother had made the other choice?

Sometimes people want to belittle domestic infant adoption like it is somehow less worthy in the heavenly rewards program. Let me be the first to tell you that my sons LIFE is worth it. And regardless of the holiness quotient assigned to it, those other lives would have been also.

Friends, let us never belittle someone else's calling. If people weren't lining up to adopt healthy babies, their mothers might be lining up to kill them.

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