September 5, 2012

To My Dear Darling,

Do you remember when you first came to live with us and you would only eat a single item of food for weeks on end? One item of food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. One. Item.

Yeah, last night, I served tacos.
Tonight it was burritos.
Completely different foods.
Hard shell, soft shell, no beans, beans. Different foods.

So your very whiny "agaiiiiiiiiiiiin?" didn't go over well.
Not. Awesome.
Kinda like smelling your dinner type food at breakfast all those weeks.
And utterly not believable. 
I'm on to you. I know you will eat the exact same thing over and over and over.
And this was not the exact same thing.

I love you,

PS: the bitter me wants to make tostadas for supper tomorrow. And taquitos for supper the next night. Don't test me. I'm kinda hoping for pizza.

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